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Alpros Rent nalazi se na adresi
Vojvode Stepe 361 u Beogradu gde
nas možete lično posetiti i dobiti sve
dodatne informacije o našim vozilima i uslovima najma.

You can visit our office at 361 Vojvode Stepe Street in Belgrade, or you can contact us at +381 11 7151 900

Alpros Rent operates as a branch of Alpros d.o.o Belgrade, founded in 2001 with its headquarters in Pilota Mihaila Petrovića 77a in Belgrade.

The office of Alpros rent is located in Vojvode Stepe 361.

Alpros rent offers Rent-A-Car service, long-term vehicle lease, and Fleet Management. The complete process of fleet services gives us a comparative advantage in the vehicle rental market in Serbia.

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