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The user/driver must be at least 21 years old and must hold a valid driver’s license for at least 2 years at the moment of vehicle rental. The user must hold his/her driver’s license on his person for inspection on request.

Personal identification document (ID card or passport for inspection) and a credit card are required during the collection of the vehicle, as a means of making a deposit.


The minimum rental lease length is 1 day (24 hours).

The timetable for collection and return of the vehicle during the day should be the same. A 60-minute delay in returning the vehicle is acceptable. After the expiration of the mentioned 1-hour grace period, an additional rental day is charged.

If the user wishes to extend the lease agreement, he is obliged to notify the Lessor at least 24 hours in advance.

In the case when the user does not act in such a way, he will be prosecuted for the illegal use of the vehicle.


Charge is settled at the end of the rental period by credit card (Amex, Visa, Mastercard), cash, or wire transfer

The deposit is a non-negotiable requirement during the rental period

The deposit is made in advance by credit card, cash, or wire transfer

The deposit amount is calculated based on the Group of vehicles selected by the User


The vehicle is collected and returned to our branch office

It is possible to deliver or return the vehicle outside of the branch (hotel, home address, company, etc.) for an additional fee depending on the distance

When collecting and returning the vehicle, it is mandatory to sign the vehicle inspection form. We advise you to inspect the vehicle well alongside our inspection officer during the handover process

Issuance and return of vehicles outside working hours is charged extra


A police record is mandatory for all types of insurance. Without a police record, the user is held liable for all damages and theft charges, regardless of the type of insurance purchased.

The record must be made even in cases when the User was not present when the vehicle was damaged (e.g. the vehicle was damaged in the parking lot).

The rental price includes Basic Collision Damage Waiver (CDW-Collision Damage Waiver), TP-Theft protection, and Third Party Liability Insurance up to the amount specified in the compulsory insurance policy.

Personal belongings of the User are not covered by insurance. The Lessor holds no responsibility for any loss or damage.

The user is not liable for any damage charges if he is not responsible for the damage according to the police record.

For damages caused by the user’s fault, the User will pay a mandatory share in the damage (no less than € 100 + VAT) depending on the Group of rented vehicles.

The vehicle damage is assessed by the Insurance Company’s appraiser. The user’s deposit is retained until the damage assessment is completed.

Damage to the interior of the vehicle, damage to tires and wheels, damage to the undercarriage, broken or lost key, damage caused by refueling the wrong type of fuel, and damage caused knowingly or negligently are not covered by insurance; neither basic nor additional.

The user will be charged for all the listed damages when the vehicle is returned.

When the vehicle is returned, the condition of the vehicle will be examined by the User and our employee together and compared with the condition of the vehicle at the time of collection. Any change in the condition of the vehicle will be entered in the vehicle inspection form and signed by both parties.


TP (Theft Protection) – Theft insurance

  • This insurance does isn’t valid if the vehicle was unlocked during the theft or the key was left in the vehicle.
  • In case of theft, the key and documents must be in the possession of the User.
  • In case of theft, the user will pay a share in the damage depending on the group of rented vehicles.
  • A police record is mandatory for all types of insurance.

SCDW (Super Collision Damage Waiver) – Super Damage Insurance

  • By purchasing additional SCDW insurance, the User can avoid the possible cost of participating in the damage and obtain full insurance for the damage caused to the vehicle.
  • Supplementary insurance is charged in the amount on a daily basis depending on the group of rented vehicles. A police record is mandatory for all types of insurance.

PAI (Personal Accident Insurance) – Insurance of drivers and passengers

By purchasing this insurance (€ 10 + VAT), the driver and passengers in the vehicle are insured in the event of death or injury, caused by a traffic accident during the rental period. A police record is mandatory for all types of insurance.


In case of damage or theft of the vehicle, the User is obliged:

  • to immediately inform the police and the Lessor about the event and to follow their instructions;
  • to record data on other participants in the accident, ie. event;
  • to complete a report on the event/damage no later than 48 hours from the occurrence;
  • to write a short statement describing the causes and circumstances in which the event/damage occurred.


The user confirms that the personal data provided in this contract will be processed automatically.

The user agrees that this data may be transferred to third parties for identification

identity and credibility.


Traffic fines: Traffic and utility violations during the rental of vehicles that are a consequence of violations of traffic regulations of the Republic of Serbia are the sole responsibility of the User who settles all the charges of the obligations incurred in this way.

If the User does not settle the obligations within the agreed period, he will be charged the administrative cost of processing (€ 15 + VAT) in addition to the cost of the penalty.

Fuel: Consumed fuel is paid by the User. Fuel is not included in the rental price. In case the vehicle is returned with less fuel than it originally had during the vehicle collection, the difference in fuel is charged with the additional cost of filling the tank (€ 15 + VAT).

Non-working hours: Collection/return of vehicles outside of working hours and on non-working days is charged extra (€ 25 + VAT).

Arrival/departure of vehicles: On the territory of Belgrade (€ 20 + VAT per transfer), outside the territory of Belgrade depending on the distance of the location (€ 0.55 + VAT / Km).

Crossing the border: Crossing the SRB border is allowed only with the permission of the Lessor. The border crossing fee is additionally charged (€ 25 + VAT).

Additional equipment: GPS Navigation (€ 5 + VAT per day, maximum € 25 + VAT), Child seat (€ 4.17 + VAT per day, maximum € 20.83 + VAT), Snow chains (€ 3.33 + VAT per day) , maximum € 16.67 + VAT)

Vehicle reservation: When making a vehicle reservation, the User reserves one of the Vehicle Groups from the fleet. There may be several different vehicle models and/or types within a particular Group. The Lessor reserves the right, in case the desired vehicle is not available, to provide the User with another vehicle from the same Group.


This agreement is in accordance with the laws of the Republic of Serbia in which Alpros d.o.o. operates. All misunderstandings that may arise from or in connection with this agreement will be within the jurisdiction of the courts in Belgrade, Serbia.

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