Reservation details

Your details

Once you have made a reservation for our service through our website, a reservation confirmation e-mail will soon be sent to you.

If for some reason this doesn’t happen, please double-check that you have entered the correct information, or simply contact our operations center who will be more than happy to check if your reservation has been received.

Vehicle delivery to your address

In addition to personally collecting a vehicle at one of our two addresses (77a Pilota Mihaila Petrovića Street and 361 Vojvode Stepe Street), the desired vehicle can also be delivered to your location. Please check the pricing using this link

This service must be arranged at least 24 hours before delivery.

Additional equipment

Should you require any additional equipment such as a child seat, snow chains, GPS navigation, etc., we can make these available on request during the reservation process for an additional fee.

Reservation cancellation

If for any reason you have to cancel a vehicle reservation, you can do so up to 48 hours before picking up the vehicle, completely free of charge.

collection time

It is necessary to specify the exact time of vehicle collection during the reservation process. You will be able to change your reservation details up to 3 hours before the vehicle collection time.

Vehicle collection documents

When collecting the vehicle, you will be asked to present a valid driver’s license and an ID card or passport. If the driver’s license is not in Latin or Cyrillic script, an international driver’s license is required. These are non-negotiable.

Extending and shortening the lease

If you wish to extend the lease, you can do so in writing or by phone, as well as in person at our office 48 hours before the expiration of the agreed lease. The price will be determined according to the valid pricelist at the time of the request.

You have the option to return the vehicle earlier than the agreed lease. The price will be calculated based on the number of days in use. There may be a price change defined by the current offer.

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