Operating leasing or leasing is one of the most popular ways to use a vehicle in the business world. Operating lease service can provide a client with a vehicle for a certain period of time, whilst defining annual mileage and a fixed monthly installment. The lessor takes over the risk of owning a vehicle while the client only pays for the use of the vehicle.

This type of leasing provides the Lessee with the opportunity to return or renew the contract for a new, more modern vehicle upon expiration of the contract. After the expiration of the lease period, the vehicle can be sold to a lessee or a third party designated by the lessee.

What is a lease?

Lease is a form of using the chosen object, i.e. vehicle.

The lease does not entail ownership, but the use and management of the object, i.e. vehicle.

The lease is a neutral financing model for the balance sheet, which does not increase the company’s debt and offers an advantage from the point of view of liquidity.

Leases reduce the income tax base, as installments/rents are tax-deductible expenses. VAT (20%) is paid in installments.

The subject of the lease is recorded as a fixed asset in the documentation of the lessor.

Leases are fixed and serve as a basis for a clear and accurate projection of fleet costs, which is extremely important for the company.

The lease reduces the costs of administration (the lessor does all the administrative work related to vehicles on your behalf) and the number of people in charge of the fleet in your company.

The lease service includes complete Fleet Management (registration, maintenance, and insurance).


The procedure for the conclusion of a lease contract is quite simple and fast and does not depend on the additional collateral that exists with the loan. It consists of the following phases:

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